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Growing spiritually doesn't happen when we merely know what Jesus says. It happens when we apply his radical way. Transformation happens best within the context of community. To grow spiritually, we have to be in relationship with God and one another.

Adult Baptism/Affirmation of Baptism and Confirmation:

Each person's situation is different. Perhaps you were baptized, but never confirmed. You may have been confirmed in another denomination. Maybe you've never been baptized. Normally, instruction takes place over a period of weeks or months. Discuss your desire to become a member of the Body of Christ at MLC with Pastor Larry. Together the two of you will decide on the best program for you.

Baptism of a Child:

Parents, please see Pastor Larry to receive guidelines for choosing Christian godparents for your child, and to discuss dates for the service and the required pre-baptism Zoom meeting with parent(s) and, preferably, pre-approved godparents.

Growing up in the faith at MLC includes attending Sunday School, worshiping and singing with the congregation, participating in work days, helping decorate the church throughout the Liturgical Year, especially for Advent, Christmas, and Easter, and much more. In other words, it means being an active participant in the life of the Church!

“Baptism inaugurates a life of discipleship in the death and resurrection of Christ. Baptism conforms us to the death and resurrection of Christ precisely so that we repent and receive forgiveness, love our neighbors, suffer for the sake of the Gospel, and witness to Christ.” (“The Use of the Means of Grace: A Statement on the Practice of Word and Sacrament,” principle 14, page 20).

Before contacting Pastor about bringing your child to be baptized, seriously consider the previous statements. Is your baptism and Christian faith the first priority of your life? Are you already an active member of the church, and is it your intention to fulfill the promises you will be asked to make on behalf of your child and yourself at the font? Any other reason, be it family pressure or tradition, should play no part in your decision to present your child for Holy Baptism.