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Breaking News

Check this page as well as Facebook for MLC family news!

If there's something special you wish to share, such as a graduation, an award, a birth, baptism or funeral notice, etc., it will appear here! Let us know what's going on at: [email protected]

or call:



Thrivent members, please direct your "Choice Dollars" to Markham Lutheran Church: Call 1-800-THRIVENT (1-800-847-4836) and say, "THRIVENT CHOICE." Answer questions and direct your choice dollars to Markham Lutheran! You can also designate your "Choice Dollars" on-line. To do that and read more about Thrivent, go to:


Parking Lot Refurbishment

If you would like to help the church pay for parking lot resurfacing, please consider adding a few dollars to your offering, as you are able. Please designate the amount you wish to go toward that purpose. Many thanks.